Power Installation and Dedicated Circuits

Power Installation

Our power installation services include speciality electrical receptacles, solar power, wiring and rewiring and more!

Dedicated Circuits

Installing a dedicated circuit ensures high voltage appliances have their own power connection to your home's power grid; reducing the chances of a power trip.

Power Installation and Dedicated Circuits

Speciality Electrical Receptacles

Child-Proofing Electrical Outlets Home Entertainment System Installation

If you require speciality receptacles for your home - Can-tech can help!

We can provide and install:
  • Child-Proof Outlets
  • Surge Protection
  • Phone or Tablet USB Charging Ports
  • Entertainment Systems and TV Mounting
  • Ceiling, Wood or Carpet Floor Outlets
  • Surface Mounts
  • Soffit Outlets
  • Smart Lock
  • And More

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Home Fans, Exhaust and Ventilation Installation

Fans, Exhaust and Ventilation

Can-tech can assess and install the right fan(s) for your home.

There are many things to consider when you are installing a fan in your home: location, ventilation, ceiling or cabinet height and endurance (how often and how long will it be running).

A Can-tech electrician can help you choose a fan that fits your practical needs while taking into account style, cost and energy savings.

We Install:
  • Kitchen Cabinet and Microwave Fans
  • Chimney and Range Hoods
  • Bathroom Ventilation
  • Ceiling Fans
  • Outdoor Fans
  • Shed / Workshop Fans and Ventilation
  • And More

Can-tech also installs Air Conditioning, Electric Heating and Water Heaters.

Contact us today to learn more about dedicated circuits, speciality receptacles or other power installation services.