Our Solar Energy Solutions

We've partnered with Affordable Green Sun Solar to bring affordable solar energy to Northern Alberta!

We use the best solar equipment in a turn-key solution including: permitting, installation, inspection and help financing.
All of our solar systems are designed and stamped by an engineer.

Home Solar

Affordable, durable and environmentally friendly


Be an industry leader and save money at the same time


Reliable, tough and environmental

Rural & Farm

Non-invasive and efficient use of space

Solar Rebate Programs in Alberta

There are a number of solar rebates available in Alberta, including:

The Alberta Municipal Solar Program (AMSP)


  • Projects located on facilities or land owned by the private sector, schools, universities, hospitals, and the provincial or federal governments
  • Projects located on temporary structures
  • Off-grid solar PV and solar thermal projects
  • Projects that are supported financially by other Government of Alberta climate change initiatives
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Alberta Indigenous Solar Program


  • First Nation communities, Metis Settlements and the Aseniwuche Winewak Nation
  • Indigenous-led organizations, including Friendship Centres and Indigenous community-owned businesses
  • Applicants must be in compliance with the terms and conditions of any previous Alberta Indigenous Relations funding
  • Applicant communities or organizations must be located in the Province of Alberta
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On-Farm Energy Management Sub-Program


  • Grid-tied, not off-grid,
  • Approved under Alberta's Micro-Generation Legislation
  • Positioned to optimize sunshine and minimize shading
  • Have manufacturer-warranties on: Solar modules, Racking, Inverters and/or Micro-inverters
  • Producing power that is used in the production of a primary commodity, and
  • Purchased after April 1, 2013, including already-installed systems
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Affordable Green Sun Solar
Reduce your green house gas emissions by up to 24 times.