Wiring and Rewiring Your Home

Rewiring your Home
If you are building, renovating or putting an addition on your home don't take the risk - hire a professional electrician!

Incorrect wiring in your home can pose severe safety hazards to you and your family. It can also cause unnecessary charges on your electricity bill.

If your home is 40 or more years old, your household electrical system may not be current enough to deal with the demands of modern day appliances and may need to be replaced.

It takes careful planning and consideration to ensure that the wiring in your home is done properly. Don't put your family at risk; Can-tech can help!

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Residential Wiring and Rewiring

Aluminium Wiring

There are electrical safety concerns with aluminium wiring in homes built in the 60's and 70's.

While the aluminium wires are not dangerous themselves the connection and termination points can become loose, overheat and cause fire in your home.

Due to safety concerns, many insurance companies will not provide insurance coverage to homes with aluminium wiring. If you home is wired with aluminium or you are think it may have aluminium wiring you have two options:

  • Rewire Your Home

    Rewiring your home consists of replacing all instances aluminium wiring with modern copper wire.

    The advantage of rewiring your home is that once it is done it will not need as much maintenance compared to a temporary solution (such as aluminium rejuvenation).

    The disadvantage is that rewiring your home is a time consuming job and a large financial investment.

  • Aluminium Rejuvenation

    Aluminium rejuvenation is a temporary solution with less of an upfront financial investment.

    The rejuvenation process includes replacing the receptacles, switches and connectors in your home with ones that have an aluminium rating, and then treating all other connectors with an antioxidant.

    The disadvantage to aluminium rejuvenation is that it is only a temporary fix and will need consistent maintenance in order to keep your home safe.

A certified electrician can inspect your home, advise you of the best options and assist you in making an educated decision about aluminium rejuvenation.

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