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Can-tech Electrical Services is partnered with Affordable Green Sun Solar to bring solar power to the Peace country.

Solar energy is an infinite renewable resource and one of the most environmentally friendly sources of energy. By generating electricity from the sun, solar panel systems allow the user to produce and use their own energy instead of purchasing electricity from large plants.

Solar power is clean, quiet and easy to produce; especially when compared to alternatives such as coal and natural gas. They are non-invasive and can be installed on unused areas of your property such as walls and roof-tops.

Reduce your electrical bill and carbon footprint with Solar Energy!

Grid Tie Solar Systems

Grid Tie Solar Systems Alberta Solar Energy
How grid tie solar systems work

Grid Tie Solar Systems are the most popular because your home is still connected to the electrical grid.

The advantages of Grid Tie Systems:
  • Produce, use and sell solar energy
  • Purchase electricity on overcast days, at night or as you need it
  • No need to purchase batteries or battery equipment
  • Optional installation of a backup battery will provide an energy reserve at a fraction of the cost of a off-grid solar system
  • Rebate Programs available (click here to learn more)

The Disadvantages:
  • If the power grid goes out, your home with also go out to protect workers

Sample Packages:

Benefits of Solar Power


No moving parts means it lasts longer. With proper maintenance solar systems can last as long as 40 years without failure.


Contrary to common myths solar panels can stand up to the elements such as snow, rain and even hail.


Switching to solar energy can reduce your green house gas emissions by up to 24 times of traditional energy.


We use the best solar equipment in a turn-key solution including: permitting, installation, inspection and help financing.

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