Home Lighting Design and Installation

Home Lighting Design and Installation Whether you have an older home and are looking for an upgrade, building a new home or renovating specific rooms in your current home we can help!

Lighting is an integral component of your home. We can help create a household lighting that balances aesthetics with functionality in any style and for any budget.

Our wide range of skills can master lighting systems any space: indoor, outdoor, kitchen, bathroom, foyers, basements, closets, living areas, home theatres and more!

When you hire an expert you can feel confident in knowing that your lighting system will be installed safely!

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Can-tech electricians have the knowledge and experience to design and install lighting fixtures in your home - regardless of the size of your budget!

Lighting Design

Kitchen Lighting

Create a warm and welcoming atmosphere in your kitchen with ceiling lights and chandeliers, track and accent lighting, recessed and pot lighting, under cabinet and island lighting!

Accent Lighting

Recessed or Track lighting accents are complicated and dangerous to install on your own. A trained electrician will ensure that your accent lighting not only looks good, but is safe from hazards

Bathroom Lighting

Bathrooms tend to be closed-off and secluded for personal privacy, but that doesn't mean that it can't be warm and inviting. We can bring life to your bathroom with wall sconces and shower, vanity, ceiling and strip lighting.

Outdoor Lighting

Our home outdoor lighting design can range from creating a peaceful atmosphere in your garden, patio or pool to safety lighting by your garage, shed, side of house or in your yard.

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