Office Surge Protection

Commercial Surge ProtectionSurge protection can reduce your risk of electrical surges to your office equipment and security systems from a number of forces including: volt reduction, faulty wiring, breakers tripping and lightning.

A large surge (or smaller surges over a longer period of time) can cause multiple complications to your business ranging from data loss on a computer to completely destroying electrical equipment - costing you hundreds to thousands of dollars.

A surge protector is a device that is installed between the electrical outlet in your office space and the electrical devices or equipment that is receiving an electrical current.

Can-tech's certified electricians can successfully install surge protection in your office building, offering you the peace of mind of knowing your devices are protected.

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Commercial Shock and Fire Protection

Shock and Fire Protection

Shock and fire prevention in the workplace is extremely important to ensure the safest environment for you and your employees.

Our electricians will visit your location to inspect your devices, equipment and electrical systems for possible electrical or fire hazards.

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